The Mad House Open Mic! Come watch careers begin and dreams die.. 5 min at a time :)

The Mad House Open Mic! Come watch careers begin and dreams die.. 5 min at a time 🙂

Here is how the open mic works. Unless something odd happens, we have open mics 4 nights a week Sun – Wed at 930pm. Check the website for exact times.

To perform you need to email on Sunday of the week you’d like to perform, between 12 & 4pm PST. List your name, and which open mic night you’d like to perform on. It’s completely okay to ask for all shows if you wish but you’ll be expected to perform on all the nights for which you request. At 4pm Sun the email period closes. We'll email you back a confirmation you're on the show or shows you've requested.

Please do not email in for shows you aren’t sure you can perform on if selected, or request multiple shows to get a better chance of getting on just one show. That practice takes spots away from other comedians and disrupts the show. The host and staff will note the names of performers who don’t show up for spots they’ve requested.

There is a second way onto the open mic shows. You can physically show up at the club, and sign up, on the “alternate list”. The alternate list is not a guarantee. When comedians who have spots on the show don’t show up, or we have extra time, the host will pull comedians from the alternate list. Sometime they make it through the entire alternate list, and sometimes they don’t get to it at all. The alternate list is made available for sign ups a short time before the start of open mic . To use the alternate list, you have to physically be at the club, you can’t add your name via phone/email etc.

The Mad House bookers, hosts of the open mic, and staff all pay attention to who is consitantly doing great on the open mic, who’s working hard to get better. They will select those comedians for other opportunites at the Mad House such as becoming a Mad House Regular, hosting opportunities, spots on other shows at the Mad House. No one is getting bumped or downgraded for bombing, which is a normal part of learning stand up, so don’t worry about that. So long as comedians are working hard and trying their best everyone is going to be happy.

Note a few things.
· Sets are usually 5 min.
· Sets are uncensored.
· If you go over the time you will be played off stage.
· Check in with the host when you arrive at the club.
· The order comedians will go onstage is made by the host, at show time. Please do not call the comedy club and ask when your time slot is, as the operator won’t know.
· Please do not call the club to see if you’re on the show. If your name isn’t on the posted list, your name wasn’t drawn.
· There is no two drink min for the open mic shows, and there is never a two drink min for any performing comedian at the Mad House Comedy Club regardless of the night or show.

Last and most important. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CLUB BOX OFFICE PHONE NUMBER WITH OPEN MIC QUESTIONS. All the info you need is right here on this page. If you have unanswered questions come to the open mic and speak with some of the comedians on the shows. The Mad House doesn’t make money on the open mic shows. We have them every night to give up and coming comics as much stage time as possible to practice their craft. Calling the box office with open mic questions while we are trying to serve the paying customers that keep the club going is crazy frustrating and has lead to 13 preventable deaths.

The Open Mic is always free with no food or drink min


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