Kirby and the Vibe Tribe, The Mammoths, Patrick Duffy Band

Kirby and the Vibe Tribe

“If you feel the vibe, you’re in the tribe”. Created when a single primordial particle exploded outwards in an instantaneous flash, Kirby & the VibeTribe brings you soulful sounds from another dimension. Led by Kirby Sybert on guitar and vocals, what was once an organic jam made up of likeminded musicians has coalesced into a five-piece band that is both lean and expansive. Keaton Thandi's cerebral, dramatic drumming pairs with Noah Skaroff's hip, melodic bass to anchor the group and provide a platform for Sybert's message, summed up by the lyric, "I only breathe positivity, I could just live on this alone." With John Hildenbrand contributing joyous gospel-informed keys work and Becca Brunskill adding sultry vocals and jazz flute, the VibeTribe brings a potent palette of sounds that instantly engages listeners.

Beginning in Austin, TX, in the heart of their middle school days, David Kapsner (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Michael Jekot (lead guitar/vocals), and Tyler Rush (bass/vocals) came together to transcend the barrier of blues-rock into funky psych-soul through their various music ventures. Bringing the audacious and wonderfully talented Tim Durand (drums/vocals) into the picture has recently solidified the band with a roaring sound and strength to complement their vibe. Dedication to their music has evolved The Mammoths from garage rock to sophisticated blues-funk, and constant experimentation has allowed each member of the group to always stay true to their roots. Jekot, self-described as playing in the “grunge-endrix” style, notes that Kapsner’s soul-vocals, Durand’s pure metal, and Tyler’s deep, groovy funk stand out in the realm of rock, drawing influence from all over to create a sound that is entirely new, yet curiously familiar.

The band consisting of Patrick (lead guitar and vocals), Steve Conroy (bass and backing vocals) with accomplished percussionist and rock drummer Adam Forman, deliver a rock jam band style with traditional lyrics and song writing. Patrick grew up in South Salem, NY listening to 70's classic rock, New Wave, 80's pop, the Grateful Dead and Phish. Under the influence of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Trey Anastasio, and Derek Trucks, Patrick puts it all into the cement mixer and spits out dangerous guitar playing and vocals which will make you feel like he started playing in the womb.

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