CC Coletti, Stanhope House All Stars

CC Coletti

Every time she picks up a microphone, New Jersey native CC Coletti shows us that classic
rock, blues and soul is alive and well, evoking Janis, Plant, Aretha, and more. The tall blonde
beauty belts out classic covers and a diverse catalog of original tunes with an electrifying stage
presence, developed during her seven-year recording and touring tenure with Meat Loaf and
born of a love that had her gracing club stages at the tender age of 18.
Her long-time musical collaboration with guitarist/writer/producer Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors,
Noel Redding, Amfibian, John Waite) has produced a string of powerful rock tunes, with shades
of The Cream and Led Zeppelin, as well as tender ballads, gospel, funk, and rootsy Americana.
As a songsmith, Anthony’s music has been recorded/covered by Lenny Kravitz, Gretchen
Wilson, Shannon Kurfman, and Pat Travers, to name a few.
The CC Coletti debut CD “Woodstock Lane” was named after the street where CC grew up.
Packed with catchy tunes and Zep-infused rock, R&B, and blues sensibility, it’s a great listen
from its driving opener “Fast Lane Addiction”, to the thoughtful ballad “Woodstock Lane” and the
powerful “You Were My Angel”, a loving tribute to the memory of CC’s mother. This “new
classic rock” album also includes a jaunty remake of Janis Joplin’s classic “Mercedes Benz” -
the only cover tune on the record.
Her sophomore release “Let It All Hang Out” is a logical progression, with crisp performances,
style and sophistication. The title track opens the record with three minutes of unbridled,
raucous rock abandon, while the acoustic-driven “Until We Meet Again” evokes the depth and
melancholy of a Plant/Page deep cut. Rounding out the record are an aptly named stomp (
“Barnyard”) and the groovy, soulful “This Love Is Free”, the lyrics for which were penned by
Procol Harem legend Keith Reed (“Whiter Shade of Pale”).
From East Coast clubs to the lights of Las Vegas, CC and her band have honed their
performance to a razor sharp edge. In addition to CC and Anthony, the touring band features
CC’s husband TJ Jablonski on bass and background vocals, as well as either John Hummel or
Jim Ruffi on the drum throne.
Her tour de force continues at a venue near you, with a steady live show schedule and more
new music in the works.

Stanhope House All Stars

Great Blues Classics combined with R&B, original, and contemporary blues/rock provide the perfect format for this 30+ year bunch of fabulous blues masters. If you like Ray, Bobby Blue, BB and Stevie Ray don't miss the Stanhope House Allstars!

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