Michael Kelsey

Michael Kelsey brings a free-flowing improvisational style to the guitar that involves every inch of his instrument. From his funky, percussive playing style that conjures an image of a one-man version of STOMP to lush instrumentals reminiscent of Michael Hedges/Phil Keaggy, his performance blends multiple musical genres and vocals along with some techno fun to create a sound all his own. He is the winner of Guitar Center’s “Guitarmageddon”. Chosen from among 3,000 entrants the singer-songwriter performed at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads 2004 where he shared the stage with many legendary guitarists. Through out a performance Michael may make use of technology, his improv skills, objects in the room, and audience interaction to make music for the ears but more importantly a musical experience for the senses..

“Michael uses an arsenal of electronics, his Taylor 615, and his voice to create layers of sonic adventures that challenge the limits of acoustic guitar music.” -Taylor Guitars

Lasa Sanctuary

Lasa Sanctuary is an all-volunteer, publicly funded 501c nonprofit in Northeast Ohio which aims to provide lifelong care and sanctuary to animals rescued from situations of cruelty, neglect, and abandonment.

Lasa is currently home to over 140 animals of 18 different species. Lasa stands for Love All Serve All! Check out this short video about Lasa Sanctuary.

Tickets are $25 general admission. The full $25 of the ticket price will go to Lasa Sanctuary to help them make a difference in more lives. Tickets go on sale today at www.kentstage.org where the full calendar of concerts can be accessed. Tickets also available by phone at 877-987-6487.



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