Death was an African American hard rock / proto-punk band formed by the brothers Bobby, David and Dannis Hackney in Detroit, Michigan in 1971. Death only released one overlooked 7" single before breaking up in 1977. The band was re-discovered in 2009 when the original 7" record was released on CD leading to reunion shows and the release of other demo material.

Bobby Hackney - bass, vocals
David Hackney - guitar
Dannis Hackney - drums

Members also played in The 4th Movement, Lambsbread and RockFire Funk Express


Minibeast is the musical creation of Peter Prescott (Mission Of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized, Peer Group). Minibeast combines surf, psych, punk, easy listening, 60's children's music, and soundtrack influences to create instrumental soundscapes.

"Shamblin', ramblin', psuave, psychotic and psychedelic! Like a nerve in that fine ass that won't stop a-twitchin'... Gin and Neurotoxin... Soylent Green for a Now Generation that never happened! Purchase these frequencies BEFORE THEY PURCHASE YOU!" -- Hugh Remick

Duck & Cover

“A glorious noise that reaffirms why you loved rock n roll in the first place and, moreover, why you will continue to love it as long as it exists.” - Maximum Volume Music
“Loud, audacious, and unapologetically genuine... They’re the very best of Boston rock and it shows on each new release they’ve put out since their self-titled LP back in the summer of 2014. And despite who they may conjure in their music, the band hits on a fresh and updated sound to create something that we need today.” - Vanyaland
“I can genuinely say that each new release has been a big step forward... Duck & Cover has attained a big, slick sound that's a perfect fit for its hooky hard rock style. As an unapologetic fan of '70s/'80s hard rock and metal, I cannot resist these headbanging-worthy choruses and ripping guitar solos.” - Faster and Louder
“These cats are drawing their sounds from all over the rock and roll map and have hoisted the Jolly Roger high and proud because they know they have the chops to cut it and the music is most definitely doing the talking here, folks... Duck & Cover, motherfuckers. They kick serious ass.” - Uber Rock
“Gritty and catchy as hell... great power-pop songs, but played by a punk rock band.” - The Soul of a Clown
"Duck & Cover has everything a great rock n' roll band needs: a powerhouse lead singer, two kick-ass guitarists, a top-notch rhythm section, and killer tunes to spare" - Faster and Louder

"An eight-song shotgun blast that may cause you to go stone deaf forever. But just know your limits and you will be fine. This is no rookie ball by these rabble-rousers... Highly recommended." – Razorcake

“There’s hints of psychedelia, southern rock, and some nice metal sounding crunch that all blends with a finesse not usually thought of in punk.”
– For the Love of Punk

"Ferocious, melodic Punk Rock with a solid rock n roll backbone... a strong Thin Lizzy being covered by Cocksparrer sound to it. Which in my opinion, works very well for them." - Audio Ammunition

"These scene veterans pull off one of the hardest feats in the book - mixing straight-ahead punk rock with hard rock/metal in a way that totally honors both styles." – Faster and Louder

“This band is chock full of all that’s true and real and good in music and, hell, maybe in life.” – Thrash N’ Bang

"A grinding attack that cruises between melodic metal shifts and straight-forward power punk." – Visions of the Unexcused

"This punk rock shit-as in 'the shit' - doesn’t let up for one second. This is the stuff you loudly (crank) play while showering before heading out for the night to do whatever it is you do at night for a damn good time. And then you play it again in the car or while riding the bus or train. It’s quick and will kick the crotch if taken lightly. Hectic and chaotic come to mind as I sit here listening to it at 2am." - Askew Reviews

"Imagine a southern rock band that grew up in the northeast listening to MC5 and the Stooges." - For the Love of Punk

"When done right, garage rock is satisfying in an under your skin, gritty and dirty, full volume while driving kind of way. Boston’s own Duck & Cover have carved their own spot out in that corner. Gutsy punk dropkicks the tempo at its center. If you don’t want to let loose, it’s time to learn how. Duck & Cover will give you a run for your money." - Dig Boston

"A very dynamic and in your face act that are most certainly firmly planted within the growing Boston music legion." - Music Box Pete

"Second release from this full-tilt Boston outfit. Showing no signs of easing up, this mini-album is chock full of spiky guitars, hammering drums, and super-catchy vocals. All the songs are fantastic, but the one-two punch of “Wasted” followed by “Sheriff of Broken Jaw” really kicks down the doors. Top notch, gentlemen." - Razorcake

"Duck & Cover isn't afraid to put the rock over the roll and let the guitars do the talking." - Audio Ammunition

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