Carnifex w/ Oceano, Enterprise Earth, Prison and Poolside At The Flamingo

Carnifex is an American Deathcore band from California formed in 2005.

Forming in 2006, Oceano began as a grindcore band from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. In 2007 after the release of their grindcore demo and a series of lineup changes, the band started writing their deathcore material and released two demo's featuring their new sound. In the Summer of 2008, the band signed with Earache Records with whom they have released 4 albums. In 2017, they signed with Sumerian Records and shortly after released their Sumerian Records debut.

Enterprise Earth

While death metal is one of the darkest subgenres of music ever created, steeped in macabre imagery of blood and gore and delivered with guttural bellows and piercing squeals, it is not without its guiding lights or impassioned empowerment.

ENTERPRISE EARTH, a band committed to the brutal audio onslaught and proficient excellence, carves out personal meaning from the darkness. They conjure self-determination and iconoclastic independence, from within the bowels of extremity.

The band’s authentic death metal precision and technical might is unquestionable, as evidenced in clubs, theaters, and festivals on tour, as ENTERPRISE EARTH has teamed with contemporaries like Dying Fetus, Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Oceano, and Winds Of Plague, and joined the Summer Slaughter Tour with iconic genre trailblazers like Cannibal Corpse, Nile, and Suffocation.

In just a few short years of existence, the Spokane, Washington based outfit has churned out an impressive discography of diverse sounds, from the early deathcore rumblings of the XXIII EP (2014) and the astonishingly savage debut full-length, Patient Ø (2015), to the adventurous, cerebrally-thematic Embodiment (2017). Now partnered with eOne Music and Good Fight, ENTERPRISE EARTH has crafted their definitive work, Luciferous, produced and mixed by the highly acclaimed Jason Suecof, an album of epic proportions firmly establishing them among metal’s elite.

Harsh. Visceral. Unforgiving. The issues that are too taboo to discuss in public are Prison's bread and butter. Since 2014, the crossover quartet's intentionally jarring artistic expression has ushered hope and change into heavy music. With an insatiable aim to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream, Prison is a no-holds-barred, unadulterated barrage of truth that will make your hairs stand on end with each and every line. Alternative metal, nü metal, noise... call it what you may, but at the end of the day, Prison is a beast all their own. And with their debut EP peaking at #74 on the iTunes Rock Charts, one thing is clear: They're using their platform to shift culture at all costs—whether you like it or not.

Poolside At The Flamingo

Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band from Longmont, USA.

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