Object as Subject

OBJECT AS SUBJECT is an LA-based art punk band led by Paris Hurley (vox, drums, dance // Kultur Shock) featuring Gina Young (bass, vox // SORORITY, Feminist Acting Class) and Emilia "PonySweat" Richeson (dance, drums). This feminist battle cry is a call to action fueled by raw wailing vocals, a barrage of floor toms, gritty bass riffs, and contemporary dance that converges in the space between Gaga vocabulary + 80’s workout videos.

$20.00 - $50.00


Celebrate reproductive rights - while they still exist! (And raise funds for the direct assistance work of WRRAP.*)

This night is a battle cry of live bands, comedy, dance, magic, and random acts of art.

Object as Subject (Feminist Art-Punk Band)
Jenny Yang (Stand-up)
Ozma and the Ozmanauts (Drag Performance)
Eliza Skinner (Musical Comedy)
#SNATCHPOWER (Apocalyptic Afrofuturistic Womxn’s Liberation Artist Collective)
Katrina Davis (Stand-up)
Pony Sweat (Fiercely Non-competitive Dance Party)
Short film screening from GLOW’s Rebekka Johnson & Kimmy Gatewood
Live speed art from Zach Brown
DJ Cashmere Safari and MORE!

Come rage with us. Feel good, for a change.

Tickets: $20 early / $30 at door
Includes: "Don't F Them, They're Anti-Choice" T-shirt, Shout Your Abortion tote bag, Ms. Magazine & More!

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