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Salomon Faye

Over the past year, Brooklyn by way of Harlem emcee Salomon Faye has proven his ability to calmly, yet confidently transcend the frenetic rat-race to fame and fortune that consumes not only the vast majority of aspirant rappers, but also the vast majority of people in general. Although he's spent most of his life within City limits, his music—booming and progressive yet reflective and infused with ancient, mystical wisdom—would suggest that he's spent as much time in a Tibetan monastery as he has on the streets of New York.
Having been affiliated with the A$AP Mob before making the decision to forge his own road to prosperity, Salomon has seen what it takes to succeed, but is not enticed by the trappings of celebrity life. Instead, his ultimate goal is attaining knowledge of self and of the world around him. Using hip-hop as a conduit to disseminate that knowledge, and the Bushwick DIY gallery scene as a platform for doing so, Salomon has made his voice heard in the Brooklyn underground, where he has torn down the artificial barriers between artistic media and begun actualizing the true collaborative potential among them with the THEiLLUZiON, his multifaceted cadre of artists both musically and visually inclined.
While Salomon has laid grass roots foundations, his numerous accolades would attest that he is quickly shooting up past them into the realm of mainstream relevance. In 2013, he caught the attention of Triple-Platinum R&B/Dance artist Wynter Gordon, earning a feature on "Tomorrow", a crossover Dance/Hip-Hop record off her most recent EP, Human Condition Pt 2: Sanguine. More recently, however, Salomon has taken the stage for frequent performances with RATKING, XL Recording's arguably most enigmatic signees, whom the Village Voice has lauded as the "saviors of New York hip-hop". Sharing concentric avant-garde circles with the group, Salomon was called forth to anchor down their Guru-engineered sophomores LP, So It Goes, as the last verse on "Take".
Just as impressive as his featured tracks are his solo records, which have received praise from leading music publications such as Complex, XXL, Pigeons & Planes, The Source and Vibe, and spins from Hot 97, the world's most widely listened-to Hip-Hop & R&B radio station. In reaction to the the mesmeric music video for "Quest," an entirely analog stop-motion video, hand-painted by fine artist and THEiLLUZiON cohort Ryan Bock, The Source called it a "captivating…[and] overall liberating experience." Additionally, following the music video release of "Fool's Gold", a track recorded with right-hand-man Enasni Leber and released under THEiLLUZiON banner, Complex parroted one of Salomon's lines from the song, positing that he "may indeed be 'front line for the blow-up'".
With the release of Stimulation, Salomon Faye's debut EP, only a month away, and an already receptive audience of listeners prepared to open their ears to it, the prospects of that happening are more than likely. mankind.

Coined the Best New Underground Artist to watch by Complex Magazine, Salomon Faye is currently working on his debut EP, "Stimulation," scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2014 and a very special project, his first solo LP entitled, "The Book of Salomon Faye," coming soon.



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