Jake Allen

Jake Allen

The ethereal sound of Jake Allen's music attaches to your heartbeat and reverberates through your veins with the warmth of a long-lost embrace. He moves around the acoustic guitar like he's been holding it for a lifetime, gliding from end to end and producing sounds that you would expect from a full band.

At a young age, Allen began exploring synthesizers and recording music in his father’s Northern Michigan studio. By his late teens, Allen found himself being drawn to the sounds of finger-style guitar trailblazers like Michael Hedges and Andy McKee. He started to pinpoint his focus on acoustic guitar, crafting his own breed of six string wizardry. On top of a two-hands on the neck, percussive tapping style, Jake employed an array of effects and live looping to create an engaging solo performance. Through the art of looping, he discovered a way to create a virtual clone-like backing band. With this sufficient box of tools, Jake took his solo show to the road in 2009, touring ever since. These live efforts have garnered endorsements from musical gear companies like Takamine, Fender and Gretsch guitars. Jake can often be found online and in the flesh showing off new guitars and other products made by these reputable companies.

Allen has produced several acclaimed solo records, playing every instrument himself to complement his smooth, soaring voice. His deep and detailed records lend themselves to the fleeting practice of sitting down and really listening to a record from start to finish. In June 2018, Jake released his newest critically acclaimed record, “Deviant Motions.”

As Jake Allen continues to write, produce, and perform, his mission statement remains the same: "I observe, report and affirm my life through the act of making music. In turn, I wish that act will enrich the lives of others and inspire them to be their own definition of great."

Justin Roth

Justin Roth is a nationally touring singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist who combines an artful blend of hooks laid on a bed of brilliantly inventive guitar technique for a unique mix of acoustic indie folk. Roth's new album, "Now You Know", which he recorded, produced, played and sang every single note himself in his home studio, marks his most expansive and personal work to date. "Now You Know" paints a journey of loss, hope, forgiveness and redemption with the intimacy of a home recording, but with subtle, textured arrangements and layered vocals (ala Bon Iver, Alexi Murdoch), all hung tastefully around his alternately tuned and fingerpicked guitar. He has released four other independent CDs as well as being a core contributor to an instrumental solo guitar album produced for Target Stores, entitled "Lifescapes - Solo Guitar," which has sold over 70,000 copies nationwide. His path to acoustic music was solidified at 17, when he saw innovative guitarist Michael Hedges open for Crosby, Stills & Nash. Seeing that the acoustic guitar was capable of so much more than he had been exposed to before, from that moment on he knew it would be the root of his musical world. His use of alternate tunings, partial capos and his two-hand tapping technique leaves audiences mesmerized and displays his impressive guitar playing that has been described as, 'more than just an instrument, but an extension of himself.'

"Fans of Leo Kottke or Michael Hedges will find themselves right at home with [Roth's] intricate guitar work...beautifully written lyrics." - San Francisco Art Magazine

Justin has toured with Red House recording artist John Gorka and has opened for some of the finest singer/songwriters on the acoustic music scene, including Shawn Colvin, Martin Sexton, Lucy Kaplansky, Susan Werner and David Wilcox. Equally, his guitar playing has earned him shared stages with some of the greatest fingerstyle players of today, such as Andy McKee, Billy McLaughlin and Pat Donohue. A dynamic live performer, Justin has won fans over with his intricate solo guitar instrumentals, heartfelt songs and spontaneous delivery. He has twice been a New Folk Finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival and has won the Indie Acoustic Project's award for Best Song of 2005 for his song "Shine."

"Now you know—Justin Roth has come into his own." - John Gorka, Red House Recording Artist

"Justin Roth plays & sings with amazing precision & emotional dexterity on, "Now You Know." This CD is eclipsed only by his great live shows." - Willy Porter, singer/songwriter/guitarist

"…simple as it may sound on first or second listens, the simplicity and subtlety belie an underlying sophistication that takes you by surprise and is genuinely breathtaking…a superbly done singer-songwriter/acoustic guitar album." - The Colorado Sound Music Blog

"Now You Know, the latest release by Justin Roth, is an extremely well-crafted musical work of art that floats well above the sea of singer/songwriter fare I am accustomed to hearing. It is worth a great many listens." - Craig Huegel, WSLR, Sarasota, FL

Maxwell Hughes

Maxwell Hughes is a highly accomplished songwriter and musician whose talent and charisma has captured audiences with his unique sound, irresistible beats, and entertaining presentation. Passionate and energetic, Maxwell’s personality comes across in every song he plays, which is part of the reason he has a growing legion of fans.

Some of Maxwell’s most notable accomplishments include being a former member of The Lumineers and a Grammy Nominated Songwriter for his contribution on their chart-topping album. He’s also been a 3rd place finalist at the prestigious International Fingerstyle Competition, a multi-award winning instrumental guitarist, and a three-time winner of the “Best Instrumentalist” award at the FoCoMA awards. In the past he’s also been a support for Imagine Dragons, The Head and The Heart, Langhorn Slim, and Paperbird.

Perhaps most impressive is that Maxwell is entirely self-taught and began playing in 2002. Since then, he has self-produced two albums entitled Maxwell Hughes and Express. He’s also been a musical guest on TED Talks during their TEDxCSU event.

Maxwell’s influences include Tommy Emmanuel and Kaki King, but he also draws inspiration from rap, electronic, and video game music. Despite these influences, Maxwell’s performance abilities are something all his own, and fans have said, “The music is great, but the best part is watching him play it.” His iconic combination of drumming, fingerpicking, and a two handed tapping style is often confused with two guitars due to it’s deep, multi-instrumental sound.

Currently, Maxwell is sponsored by the Larrivee Guitar Company and is working on his 3rd album entitled Only In Dreams, which will be released in September 2013. He is also working on a guitar instruction system that will help those with disabilities.

In his spare time, Maxwell enjoys spending time with his friends and family in his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. He’s also an avid chess player.

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