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Though they might not be a household name, for over half a decade Santa Cruz musicians, Sometimes Jones, have been jamming out so smoothly it spreads on toast. This four-piece outfit is a less on in the harmony of chaos; diving in and out of spacey, jazz-inspired jams only to splash into a funk-infused riff, then finishing up with a structured rock song. Says guitarist Chris Cousineau, “It all depends on where we start.”

Taking their name from Larry Hankin’s 1980 short film, Solly’s Diner, the group is a lesson in originality. Besides Cousineau throwing down Clapton-esque riffs, the band also consists of Kyle Hamood slinging keys, Raymond Jones laying down the skins and Ryan Partington dropping the bass lines, daring audiences not to shake their money-makers.

Though loosely structured under the all-encompassing dome of rock music, to call them a “rock band” is to underestimate their sound. Each show is different from the last, with each musician heavily pumping his vast array of influences into an amalgamation of music that laughs at generic labeling. Their natural style leads them to never rehearse, preferring to keep their live shows as pure as possible. “The gigs are the rehearsals,” explains Cousineau. While a more cautious reader might recoil in fear, this reporter has seen Jones play twice and can attest for their unique formula. The rooms were shaking with swinging bodies as the music floated through the ether, filling in the empty spaces with a special warmth. This is music made by, and for, people who love just that: music, not genres.

With such an unstructured ideology about their band, it’s hard to say when Sometimes Jones will play again. Their shows seem to pop-up, unexpectedly, like last November when they opened for UFO at the Catalyst. But their sporadic gigs don't seem to bug any of the members. As Cousineau says with a sly grin, “It’s always good to have a couple tricks in your pocket.”

Pacific Roots

Quickly becoming one of Santa Cruz's next premier Reggae/Rock groups, Pacific Roots is building their popularity by stirring the crowd in with their upbeat reggae jams thrown around with punk rock swells and solos, mixed melodiously to produce an original Cali based sound and vibe. The group has shared the stage with well known artists such as, Jamaican reggae legends Sly and Robbie, New Kingston, Black Uhuru, The Expendables, The Hold Up, The Expanders, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, Arise Roots, Josh Heinrichs, and more. Their self titled debut album, produced by Adam Paterson of The Expendables, is available now!



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