Emily Rath, Em & The Gems, Katie Heart

Emily Rath, singer/songwriter from the Bay Area, is well on her way into an exciting musical career. She started singing at age 3 and at 16, she began writing her own music and performing originals at small venues, festivals, showcases and the like. Emily has opened for musicians such as Jason Reeves, Tyler Ward, Delta Rae and Lissie. She was a member of a cappella groups in high school and college for 6 consecutive years, during which one of her originals won "best song" during one of the final competitions. Post college, she entered into several West Coast Songwriter competitions where she went on to win two ‘Best Performance’ Awards and one ‘Best Song’ Award in separate Bay Area chapters of the organization. She recorded an EP of some of her original music in the Spring of 2012, which featured virtuoso guitar player Miles Schon, son of Journey's Neal Schon. One of the songs was featured on Bay Area's renowned radio station KFOG, for their 'local scene' month. Since then, Emily moved to LA and started collaborating with several different Grammy-nominated producers. She is constantly honing her songwriting skills, building her original music catalogue and plans to start releasing more music very soon.

Em & The Gems

Em Hoggett is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter from London, UK. Em trained as a classical pianist since the age of 4, performed internationally, and received two degrees as a child. Soon after her move to LA, Em met Grammy-nominated producer, Bruce Witkin (Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson), and together, they released Em’s solo debut EP, What I Want To Say To You, an album dedicated to her experience and the experience of other sexual assault survivors.

Named “a rising music star” by Thrive Global, Em now announces her new 12 track concept album, REBORN, which comes with a full band and a whole new style. While performing in LA, Em met bass legend Melvin Brannon Jr. (Booker T. Jones) and drummer, Tyler Hammond (Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst), who quickly became The Gems. Both musicians were highly influential in creating the unique sound of REBORN. Shay Capolupo (guitar) and Will Fowler (keys) are the newest Gems, completing the 5-piece band that is now Em & The Gems.

Em & the Gems’ REBORN is a direct follow up from Em’s solo EP, exploring themes of regained strength, sexuality, power and how music ultimately saved her. A full blown performance fit with dancers, incredible piano solos, lots of musical variation and a truly inspiring message, their unique musical style, featuring elements of jazz, classical, rock and pop, and Em’s incredible stage presence create an unforgettable experience that touches the soul.

Katie Heart

KATIE HEART is an American singer songwriter born and raised in Southern California. She discovered her passion for music at the age of 9. She was attending a wedding and when the band took a break she took over the microphone and started to sing “Reflections” by Christina Aguilera! The crowd gathered to see who it was and cheered her on. From
that point on she was hooked and knew this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

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  • Katie Heart - 7:45
  • Emily Rath - 8:30
  • Em & The Gems - 9:15

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