Four voices coalesce. Rooted in rhythm. The women of Ley Line transcend language and genres to create a sound that seems to emerge from deep within the earth. Dynamic harmonies run like a current through textures of stand up bass, guitar, ukulele and percussion. Raised on the North American traditions of blues, folk and soul and inspired by their world travels, Ley Line creates a global soundscape; blending rhythms and influences from Brazil, Latin America and West Africa. Ley Line’s multilingual performances unite audiences around the world.

Hilary & Kate

There’s something timeless and stirring about the music of HILARY WATSON and KATE FELDTKELLER. As their two voices, guitar, and violin intertwine, they conjure up echoes of time-honored musical traditions rooted in folk, bluegrass, and gospel while putting a fresh spin on these sounds as only young artists can.

In early 2012, Hilary and Kate began playing and recording together; Hilary was already seasoned from years of traveling and performing both solo acoustic and with her full band, but Kate brought something new and unique with her voice and violin that instantly clicked. The year ended up being one of rich blessing for Hilary and Kate, with extensive tours throughout the US, Italy, the UK, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany, and a December tour in Hawaii to finish up the year.

The hard work of their 2012 tours paid off with rave reviews and a rapidly growing grass-roots fan base, as well as their first recording together, the drolly-titled six-song EP Mostly Unplugged and Practically Live, which featured live favorite “You Will Come” and a phenomenal version of the classic “Be Thou My Vision.”

Mostly Unplugged was a showcase for Hilary’s remarkably fresh and mature songwriting that was already on display on her 2010 album Vestige of Beauty. Hilary’s ability to marry Biblical texts and themes to memorable melodies rewards repeated listening, with songs like “You Will Come”, “Vestige of Beauty”, “Emmanuel”, and “Hymn of Faith” revealing new depth and nuance over time.

Hilary and Kate’s combined talents make for a fresh and compelling musical partnership that is not to be missed. Catch them if you can in a live setting where the chemistry of their songwriting, storytelling, deft musicanship, and rich singing remind the listener of how music can speak to us like nothing else.

$14.00 - $16.00


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