Surfer Joe

Lorenzo Surfer Joe is truly one of the key figures in modern surf music. Basically present to any world surf music event, Lorenzo has collected an experience of more than a thousand concerts since the late 90s. Constantly on tour everywhere, Lorenzo had the honour to play on guitar or drums with several surf legends and he has shared the stage with many surf bands.

When talking about surf music with Surfer Joe you don’t look for compromises: reverb, high rhythms and great energy!
It is a concert that looks back to the origins of the genre, but shows its evolution and variety, going from the heavy Dick Dale sound to lounge and progressive atmospheres, always keeping an eye on the melody and the quality of the arrangements.

The Hall Monitors

The four piece convened in the District from far flung places across the country at lead singer Sean Crowley’s motivation to start a garage band. Guitarist Ginger Richards found some time in her schedule (which includes being part of the all-girl indie-pop band Federal City Five) for The Hall Monitors, and brothers Matt (bass) and Mike (drums) Sullivan decided to bring their lifetime worth of playing together to the effort. Their bluesy, old-school approach is sure to ring with comparisons to The Black Keys and The White Stripes, but what you really sense when you see these guys play is a great respect for the history of rock & roll — from Chuck Berry and the sounds of Motown, to more modern adaptations like rockabilly and punk.

Atomic Mosquitos

Surf band from Virginia, USA.
Led by the twin reverb guitars of Joe Marencic and Paul Carson with Stephen Blickenstaff adding theremin touches. Driven along by Sean Rush on bass and Craig Stang's drums they deliver a full-on uptempo surf assault.



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