Churchburn, Unearthly Trance, Shabti, Thaetas

Churchburn is the musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery. Dave Suzuki, best known for his mesmerizing guitar work and brutal drumming in Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey, who carved out sonic drum patterns for Sin Of Angels and Grief. The two have set out to share with the world their love of the riff. Not only the heaviest but also the most haunting. Each song is crafted with the most sinister of intent. With the addition of Kevin Curley of Thrillhouse on Guitar and Mike Cardoso of Haxen/ I' Destroyer on Bass. Churchburn want the listener to feel a true sense of dread as each song progresses.
**Current 2017 Line up includes Timmy St. Amour (guitar) ex.Howl (3), and Derek Moniz (bass).**

Unearthly Trance

UNEARTHLY TRANCE summons forth V; an electric, urban funeral drone and their most epic full-length to date. With V the trio has come full circle; combining the expansive leanings of 'Electrocution' and 'The Trident' with the sparing, brooding doom of their earliest works. UNEARTHLY TRANCE's unwavering dedication to their principle's and craft has yielded some of America's best metal with V.

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Set times: 730 Thætas 815 Shabti 9 Unearthly Trance
10 Churchburn.

Then stick around for LAZERPUNK, Shredder 1984 and Destryur til the wee hours!

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