SRSQ (pronounced seer-skew) is the solo project of Kennedy Ashlyn (vocalist/keyboardist of Them Are Us Too).

Fit Of Body

Having spent nearly every weekend of the past many years DJ'ing in clubs around Atlanta, Divine Interace (real name Drew Briggs) is an expert at weaving a narrative into the frenzy of dancefloor. For his original productions it is no different as Briggs uses his own voice over the tracks to recount seedy tales of late nights, teeth clenched, lit under street lamps, missed calls, decadence and debauchery. This is a 4-tracker of unmatched proportions, simultaneously adventurous and deep while never missing a beat.

TWINS (dj set)

Artist name should be written in all capital letters as TWINS is an acronym for That Which Is Not Said.



$12 at door

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