Michael Martinez, Marissa Lauren, & Jess Jones, Adam Faucett, William Blackart

Michael Martinez, Marissa Lauren, & Jess Jones

Adam Faucett

"Nothing can prepare you for the sound that comes out of his mouth when he sings—or bellows—his stellar songwriting. It is a soulful power beyond belief.”
-Paste Magazine

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, and possessing a voice the Onion A.V. Club warns “knocks your brain into the back of your skull,” Adam Faucett has drawn comparisons from Tim Buckley to Cat Power to Otis Redding.

Called “one of the greatest, most thoughtful lyricists the state has to offer,” (Arkansas Times) Faucett has again pushed the borders of his “part folk, part blues, part elemental rock stomp, part unidentifiable cosmic holler” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) with the release of It Took the Shape of a Bird, a record of his most personal, unbodied, and darkly beautiful songs to date.

William Blackart

“He hasn't abandoned his punk origins. Jutting out of his stoic, straight-up folk songs are remnants of his musical past. There's an edge to the music: Blackart's gravelly voice, the violent shifts in melody, tempo and tone."
– Lincoln Journal-Star

Arkansas native William Blackart plays a lo-fi country brand of folk music. With lyrics described as “poetic and captivating,” vocals pegged as “rough and emotive” and guitar work called “hypnotic and spare” (Dakota Discography), his influences range from Townes Van Zandt to Leonard Cohen to The Clash.

With roots in the punk rock bands The Fraggin Monarchists (1998-2005) and Ray Brower’s Body (2005-2006), Blackart’s musical focus shifted toward the stripped-down, acoustic tunes he’d begun exploring, when moving to Chicago, Ill. in 2006. Honing his craft around Chicago’s open mic circuit, proper show opportunities soon arose, and the following spring he recorded the solo debut, Left, a ten-track collection of bare-boned and gritty songs.



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