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Gene Wildest

Future Flowers is the third full-length album from Philadelphia-based alt-rock band Gene Wildest. It's math rock-inspired psychedelic rock meant for guitar nerds and regular ol' weirdos alike. The title stems from the idea that one day we're all just going to be places for future flowers to grow, a theme pervasive throughout the band's catalog. Legends from the days of yore have declared that Gene Wildest "can channel the whole of rock history in the span of a song" (Steph Davies, WXPN's The Key, 2018). A stone tablet unearthed in Miami carried an inscription proclaiming that the band have "sonically quantified the type of music that I want to smoke weed and/or cry to" (Olivia McAuley, Too Much Love Magazine, 2018). An ancient burial urn exhumed in 2018 featured a single inscription, reading "I know it sounds crazy, but Gene Wildest are an absolute delight from beginning to end" (Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun, 2018). Whispers through the trees of ancient forests have been heard, uttering that "I like that one song with that pretty part" (our moms, once). In short, if you enjoy sick guitar riffs, sultry bass lines, and dope beats, then you'll enjoy Future Flowers. Your mom might, too.

The Not Fur Longs

Luxury Deathtrap

Fusing thick riffs with melodic hooks, Luxury Deathtrap is making waves across the southern New England underground hard rock scene.

“There are no rules and certainly no specific trends we feel compelled to adhere to. We exploit that opportunity by allowing our sound to morph into various genres including shoegaze, alternative and punk.” says Rhode Island native singer and guitarist, Nicholas McGowan. “Over the last couple of years I had gone through a lot of experiences that challenged my ability to cope. Some of our tracks focus on the age-old man-vs-self paradigm while others have spawned from personal experiences which have served as inspiration to encompass broader themes.”

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