i can't be like y'all want, i'm only myself.

Trek Manifest

National Speaker/Artist Trek Manifest has since 2008 released numerous mixtapes, EPs, and album.

Dom Deshawn

How does one, "standout" in such a crowded hip hop scene?

A question Columbus, OH native Dom Deshawn(born Dominique Mattox) had to ask himself. He soon realized the answer was simple... "Be you." With influences such as Slum Village, Nas, Timbaland/Missy, and Phonte, shaping his outlook on music, they set a foundation of quality he strives to uphold.

Joey Aich

Joey Aich is a 22 year old hip/hop emcee from a small suburb of Cleveland, OH, Woodmere Village. He has always been around music from church choirs where he was a regular soloist, to school musical productions in high school. He was introduced to writing music back in middle school when he would frequently use poetry to complete creative assignments. In high school he continued to write music, but it was more of a means to vent and channel inner frustrations.

Joey chooses to create music that subverts today's hip hop norm. He pays homage to the 90's golden age: focusing on flow and story development. Yet, he is not stuck in the past. He hops on some cutting edge beats and peppers his flow with a hard-nosed, all-knowing personality. When listening to Joey's music one can simultaneously feel like they can sit down and have a real conversation with him, and feel like they are being enlightened. This is intelligent music we are dealing with, and its already caught the attention of multiple music critics and fellow artists.

Joey's music has been featured in multiple independently owned hip-hop blogs such as Stop the Breaks and Underground Media. He has also performed with the likes of Asher Roth, Curren$y, Cal Scruby, Super Duper Kyle!, many others, and soon Dizzy Wright and Audio Push. He has even founded his own entertainment company by the name of Joey Aich Entertainment LLC. Having already garnered a significant amount of attention in the past couple of years, and with a highly anticipated project upcoming, Joey Aich will be on the radar for a very large community of music listeners in the coming years.

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