DJ Fritzos Music Video Jam (11PM FREE), Mishti, Kevin Daniel SINGLE RELEASE SHOW, Devon O'Connor EP RELEASE SHOW, LUV

DJ Fritzos Music Video Jam (11PM FREE)

djFRiTZo is a filmmaker, soundscaper, and crowd motivator. An original Brooklynite, Fritzo proudly shoulders the mission of cultivating the true spirit of NYC nightlife: when partying was about expression, style, and sweat. A true music lover, djFRiTZo has a vinyl collection of over 20,000 records, and an equally extensive digital library of music and videos, that span many genres and eras.

As a former music video director, he created the Music Video Jam! where in he mixes music videos on HD screens, immersing guests in a titillating visual and sonic experience.

Having honed his craft over the years in countless NYC clubs, bars, lounges, galleries, warehouses, a night with djFRiTZo is always an entertaining musical adventure thru time and space.


Kevin Daniel is a Brooklyn based Americana artist currently touring and is releasing his first full length album this spring. With two EPs under his belt, Daniel’s music has been described as “radio and TV ready with enough darkness creeping in around the edges to appeal to fans of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams.” The North Carolina-born crooner brings stories to life through his country-touched tunes, singing of deliverance, death, and everything in between


Loves making music, and loves sharing it!

Nick and Conor created and developed the indie/alternative band The Merks, and moved on to a new projected “LUV” which stands for “Life’s Unknown Variables.” LUV strives to be more than just music, but an Entertainment brand.


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