Experimental Action 2019

Experimental Action 2019

The Secret Group Presents

Experimental Action 2019
Doors at 8, Performances 9pm - Late

Ticket required (Festival Pass or $20 at the door)

Houston’s groundbreaking international performance art festival set for Feb. 21-23, 2019, Experimental Action will showcase performance art from across the globe. The Experimental Action Performance Art Festival will take place over the course of three days in multiple Houston venues.


To scroll through photos and be connected with the artist's websites click here: https://www.experimentalaction.com/2019-artists

ExA 2019 International Artists:

Gustavo Solar (Chile / Buenos Aires)
Roos Hoffmann (The Netherlands)
Schmitt & Schulz (Germany)
Simla Civelek (Turkey/Canada)
Miao Jiaxin (NYC/China)

ExA 2019 National Artists:

Esther Neff (Brooklyn, NY)
Marcela Torres (Chicago / Salt Lake City)
Cynthia Post Hunt (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Robert Ladislas Derr (Colombus, Oh)
Doug Gast ( Cincinnati, OH)

ExA 2019 Regional Artists:

Colton White (Dallas, Tx)
Jose Villalobos (San Antonio, Tx)
Michael Anthony Garcia (Austin, Tx)
CLA022019 (Dallas, Tx)
Kellen Stanley (San Antonio, TX)

ExA 2019 Houston Artists:

Lukas Wade
S. Rodriguez
Sean Penabler
Sarah Sudhoff
Andrew D’Mateo
Antonius Tin-Bui (Washington DC/Houston)
Rosalia Lucio
Julia Barbosa Landois
Jim Pirtle
Evan McCarley
Brittani Broussard
Dana Suleymanova
Cassie Mira




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