Mark Miller: EP Release

Mark Miller

These past few years, Mark Miller has been performing his brand of Americana/Country Music to sold out listening rooms from Georgia to Maine. His music brings together powerful and soulful vocals, fingerstyle guitar playing , degrees in Classical music and his deep Southern roots. Strongly influenced by the 1970's Texas school of songwriters, Mark writes stories of his own journey through loss, recovery and redemption. His self-entitled EP, recorded at County Q Studios in Nashville, and co-produced with Paul Scholten, will be released at Eddies Attic on August 24th.

John Cable

John is a veteran musician who began his career in the late 60s. After serving as lead guitarist and vocalist for Texas country rock pioneers, Colours, John became a member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. In 1977, they became the first American band in history to perform in the Soviet Union. John became the first American to lecture at the Moscow Conservatory of Music on the history of western Blues and Rock music.
John has performed on The Tonight Show, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, The Midnight Special, Austin City Limits and the Grand Ole Opry. He has performed in some of the great concert venues, as well, including Wolftrap, Carnegie Hall and Red Rocks.
John is currently playing and touring with John McEuen and the String Wizards.
John McEuen on Broken Knife: “If John Cable had stayed in the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band we would have made some great recordings of his wonderful songs. Playing with him recently, I witnessed something very rare for new songs nowdays: people responding to something they have not heard as if it were a known hit. His music touches a nerve in people, his voice is confident, yet ‘asking you to listen’ to the message.. not demanding, but bringing you into the unfolding story. The playing is that of a seasoned pro, abilities that I welcome to play with every time we get the rare chance. Great tracks, variety of sounds, good messages.. Taking a chance on this album – John Cable/Broken Knife, is not a losing proposition, as you will have it live with you a long time.”
John McEuen/NGDB

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