World Inferno Friendship Society

World Inferno Friendship Society

The World/Inferno Friendship Society are a gang of dangerous loonies who like to break things, and who have been making beautiful, orchestral punk rock records since 1997. They originally signed with eerily prescient NJ Hardcore label Gern Blandsten (Ted Leo, Radio 4, Rorschach, The Liars), with whom they released 2 albums: "The True Story of The Bridgewater Astral League" (1997), "Just The Best Party" (2002) and a gang of singles which were compiled on "East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!" (2000). They have toured incessantly for the last 20 years, prompting one NPR spokesman to comment that the amount of jobs they have been fired from to go on the road would be "enough to save the present economy."

The Society consists of 7 to 13 lifelong members who enthusiastically delight in encouraging all who identify as youth, both young and old, to change the system. They come armed with cascading piano, ace saxophones, several drummers, snarling guitars, low B bass, and whomever else gets in the bus. The World/Inferno Friendship Society is fronted by an undead Sherlock Holmes, who had his exploits profiled in the NY Times Arts Section for the multi-media stage version of the group's 2007 record "Addicted to Bad Ideas."

The industrious and attractive World/Inferno joined Chunksaah Records's (Bouncing Souls, The Loved Ones, The Measure S.A., AOD) roster with their 2005 watershed "Red Eyed Soul" which was produced by NYC legend Don Fury at his Cyclone Studios in Coney Island, as was the aforementioned "Addicted to Bad Ideas."

On their 2011 release "The Anarchy and The Ecstasy," the band brought in a full horn section, baby grand piano, punk guitar, 5 string bass and dueling male and female vocals, channeling Phillip K. Dick, Kurt Weill, and Jonathan Richman. Pushing boundaries, grudges, genres, heartstrings and parole conditions from the cow punk thump of track "Disarming Smile" to the heartbreaking samba of "13 Years Without Peter King", "The Anarchy and The Ecstasy" showcased World/Inferno Friendship Society's refined songwriting style and virtuosic playing.

Their most recent album, "This Packed Funeral," debuted on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label in November 2014 with ten tracks of critically acclaimed, romantic tangoing/violent-break-up-inducing mayhem, charging into previously unexplored territory combining contrapuntal fugue, the rhythmic percussion of a New Orleans Funeral March and the classic hardcore punk sounds of Code Of Honor, TSOL, and The Damned. LeAundra Jeffs of Slug Magazine wrote, "I think this album may be a synthesis of every music style ever conceived...In theory, it seems like it would be a psychotic clusterfuck of disarray, but in reality, it's undeniably alluring." And according to Rich Cocksedge of Razorcake, "This Packed Funeral is The W/IFS at its best and stands as an open invitation to the best party ever."

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Molly Rhythm

This Philadelphia/Trenton based act is a multi-chick fronted eclectic, eccentric, theatrical, kicking and screaming, face melting music machine. The members have been working together in different combinations creating music in one form or another for quite sometime, spanning genres such as creepy alt rock, blues, reggae, classical, punk, classic rock, hip-hop and metal. A diverse appreciation for music coupled with such varied influences command a truly unique sound. With distinct harmonies, an insatiable drive to perform and create, you'll not be left wanting for better entertainment or artistic stimulation.



$18 in advance, $22 cash at the door.

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for all guests under the age of 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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