Mood Bored, Charm The Guard, Devilish Pil

Mood Bored

Charley Bates
Daniel Connors
Samm Grass
Erica Shaeffer
Jack Smith
Hale Tobin

Charm The Guard

Next Gen Teen Band headlined by Elena Flauto vocal Powerhouse and Luke Supelak acoustic-electronic percussion producer and now Elena Toscidis on bass guitar.


Off Sale

This concert will raise money for TransAction and Camp Lilac Ohio. Our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming space for trans youth to be themselves in a positive, supportive, youth-focused environment. Trans youth often face stressful, unwelcoming, and even hostile environments in their day to day lives, and depression, anxiety, and suicide are much higher among them. Having to go day to day with the stress and complications with lack of acceptance and support, or even just having to be the "example" - not to mention any bullying or harassment that comes your way - can make it difficult to feel comfortable in one's own space. Camp Lilac, a TransAction program, provides an overnight camp with all the camp trappings (boating, arts and crafts, bonfires, etc.) where trans kids can be themselves in a much needed respite from outside life.​

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