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E-Turn’s diverse background in cultural music stems from a lifelong journey through Persian vocals, tribal drumming, Iranian poetry, and lyrical Jazz. With family members well versed in these arts as well as instrumentation, E-Turn was raised to bring a unique, well rounded, and worldly sound to the Hip-Hop culture. Greatly influenced by icons like Nas, Lauryn Hill, and A Tribe Called Quest, E-Turn’s sound echoes the essence of true Hip-Hop & masterfully bridges the gap between staccato rap and soulful vocals.

E-Turn is now in full bloom after releasing two full-length albums, “Dark Trust” (2013) & “ESP” (2015). Continuing to progress in creative projects and partnerships, E-Turn is in the forefront of Orlando’s female Hip-Hop artistry with Second Subject Recordings, (led by Solillaquists of Sound front man, Swamburger).

E-Turn has collaborated in the past with groups such as Solillaquists of Sound, Beautiful Chorus (a group of 12 women who harmonize to the frequency of positive vibrations for intentional world healing), & DJ SPS (a former member of the classic Orlando Hip-Hop group “Andromeda”, and a USA DMC Supremacy battle champion). She has toured with musical acts such as Blueprint (Rhymesayers), Dessa (Doomtree), Grayskul (Rhymesayers), The Chicharones (Oldominion), and has also performed at festivals such as: A3C, Van’s Warped Tour, SXSW, and The Florida Music Festival.



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