Morning After Crew, The Weird Sisters, & Mulu

The Morning After Crew is a hip hop group out of middle Tennessee composed of three fiery emcees.There's Charly Hartlett, the golden-eared beatmaking machine with a knack for edgy thought provoking lyrics.Tony Rockit, the all natural soulful flowmaster with an old school but modern feel.Rounding out the group is London Moon, the sharp-tongued, deep thinking poet turned emcee with a dangerous array of styles for the masses.

Our mission is to change the world one heart at a time with a variety of music that will appeal to all. We hope you can support and enjoy our music and the Morning After Crew as a brand and we will be happy to support you in any endeavors you may have in the future.Thanks for your open ears and your time.. God bless! #maclife

The Weird Sisters

3 piece based in Nashville. Heavy funk and fat bass. Members are Izaac Short, Gabrielle Lewis, and Jeff Brown.

With a life's worth of background in writing and performing, Mulu enters his 6th year of officially pursuing a rap career. Boom trap beats with poetic interludes and meaningful lyrics create a sound unique to the emerging Uniontown artist. He is preparing to release a new EP titled MULUXMOE, which is set to include ten tracks. It will be a perfect way for new and old fans to get introduced to the music. Mulu is now making music that reflects himself and his values instead of one that just attempts to be music people want to hear.

Growing up in uniontown Pa, a small town, meant that most of his music influences were coming from family and friends. His style is evident of the wide range of music he grew up around from hip hop to rock and all genres in between. Performing for anyone who would listen his whole life has paid off with Mulu giving some of the most heartfelt, passionate and engaging live performances that fans of any genre would appreciate. His lyrics that pull from real life and his personal poems can draw in anyone and make them feel at home with his music.

Different sounds and sometimes personalities can be found in his past projects, not as a negative, but a connect the dots to where he is today. If you are not already a fan, then MULUXMOE will be the place to begin to understand an artist that has grown immensely to produce an EP that is not just music, but who he is as a person translated into lyrics and beats.This is..Mulu Music.




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