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Delirious Nebula

Flipcar Milo

Major Glen

Get ready to dance with The Jinjas, an alternative dance rock band combining live drums, heavy synth bass, vocal harmonies, and sparkling keys.

The Jinjas capture the human spirit and condition in every energetic performance. Come to a show for a fun and interactive experience!

Trouble Bound

Hailing from Denver Colorado, Trouble Bound is really a group of friends with a songwriting problem... We've been playing together around Denver for years in various iterations like The Strugglers and Local Six.
The current incarnation is a mix of rock, acoustic instrumentation and a little countrified twang thrown in for good luck. If pressed we'd say, we consider ourselves an Americana band as we cover songs by many of our influences: Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton and Blue Rodeo among others. For fun and parties, we've mixed in a few familiar 80's tunes interpreted with our Americana feel.
Overall we try to make it catchy, fun and sometimes thoughtful with hooks meant to grab your ears and give em' a tickle.
Hope you dig!
Brian "Chub" Eloe - Vocals, Piano and Harmonica
Joel Mauney - Drums and Vocals
Dustin "Balls" Olde - Guitars, Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo and Dobro
Terence "TQ" Quinn - Bass and "Bringing it"

$8.00 - $10.00


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