Jane Siberry

Iconic and enigmatic, Jane Siberry is one of music’s most unique and gifted singer-songwriters. Blessed with a sincere integrity and emotional depth, she has released 14 studio albums, including her well-loved signature song Calling All Angels. Jane’s songs have been covered by numerous artists, including k.d. lang with her stunning renditions of Love is Everything and the 23rd Psalm-inspired The Valley.

She is recognized as a forward-thinking artist, using her creativity both in song and in how she operates in the music business. She was one of the first to set up ‘self-determined transactions’ (pwyw). She continues to explore ways to live healthily as an artist creating an online style-store, webinars, ‘Janetakes’ (feedback for artists) and passive income streams in order to ‘keep the joy up’ and to remain aware that ‘it is a privilege to be a musician’.

Jane is on tour for 7 months from November 2018 until June 2019 in her home country Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the USA performing with equal enthusiasm at Carnegie Hall and living rooms around the world

The New York Times named When I Was A Boy one of the top ten recordings of 1993. The Edinburgh Press said she "fills the hall with astonishing, spiritually-charged music" and "had the audience breathless, in simple awe." Interview

Magazine called her a "superstar of the imagination with a passion for the truth." In a word, The London Times said Siberry is "Spellbinding" and Melody Maker a "Genius."

Jane Siberry's songs have been covered by numerous artists, with particular success by k.d. lang. She has collaborated with Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, The Indigo Girls and others. Wim Wenders included her "Calling All Angels" in the film Until the End of the World, and the song has since been used in Pay It Forward, Six Feet Under, Deadwood and more.

Siberry learned piano from the age of four, predominantly teaching herself and developing her own concepts of notation and structure. She studied music at the University of Guelph, later switching to the Sciences and earning a degree when
she found freshman music courses to be stifling.

An early album went gold and established her as a Canadian pop star and Siberry began to receive awards and international attention. Her unique musical vision caught the ear of Eno in 1993 and he produced tracks on her album When I Was A Boy. The song "Calling All Angels" (a duet with k.d. lang) became her biggest commercial success and garnered her worldwide acclaim.

In 1996, Siberry formed her own label, the internet-based Sheeba Records, and has released numerous albums including a live trilogy at the Bottom Line in New York; Hush, a collection of American and Celtic folk songs and spirituals; and City, collaborations with Peter Gabriel, Hector Zazou, Joe Jackson, Nigel Kennedy and others. Her label continues to this day as a much-watched purveyor of 'new consciousness' transactions where the customer takes more responsibility for the pricing of downloads.

In 2002, Rhino Records produced Love Is Everything, an anthology and tribute to Siberry's work.

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