From the slums of the holes they crawled out of, Tijuana Jesus has been wreaking havoc in the GTA since 2015. Beginning as a 4 piece, Matt, Jim & Lurch soon solidified their back-line with Brando and started on the road with a few quick EPs under their belts. That's when shit got real...

TJ scooped up local legend Rob and made the guitar trifecta a fuckin' awesome reality. In ultimate form, they recorded their debut LP "Life of Frank" and continued on their debauchery.

Between the Manhattans and inspiration sessions, they are still writing and recording more stellar tunes to cram in your ear holes.

Make sure to catch them live if you wanna get your tits and/or balls blown off. Tijuana Jesus is 5 parts hard liquor, 5 parts bong loads, 3 parts cigarettes, 4 parts fall down drunk and a dash of musical ability.


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