"Behold the arrival of a great new talent."- C. Michael Bailey at All About Jazz

"It's clear she's off to a great start being a nu diva for nu times." - Midwest Record

Kristina Koller- Vocals
Fima Chupakhin- Piano
James Robbins- Bass
Joe Spinelli- drums

Always innovative and pushing the limits, Kristina Koller is making her mark in the music world. As a vocalist, arranger and composer Kristina fearlessly pushes ‘vocal jazz’ into different directions adding interesting flavors and textures to create her unique sound. Evidenced in her widely acclaimed 2018 debut album ‘Perception’, her music is both timeless and contemporary, melding different genres together and uplifting old jazz standards to a refreshing direction. Her latest EP release ‘At The Poli Club’ captures a snippet of her live show. It exemplifies her extraordinary and expressive vocal dynamics in its purest form, doing what she does best - performing and producing music without bounds. Her approach enlightens young as well as older audiences, giving traditional jazz music an enticing uplift and making it easily embraced for all musical tastes.

$20.00 - $30.00

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