Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

After taking a 10-year hiatus from music, Emily Jackson finds herself back behind the mic to bring us one of 2018’s most evocative songs, “Oh Mother.” After reluctantly giving up a label contract as a teen, she accepted a position to study acting at the prestigious CalArts School of Theater. But after years of the question, “Why aren’t you still singing?” it was her move to New York where she found herself surrounded by an energy that kept leading her back to music.

Jackson's vocal style very much reflects her upbringing in the diverse arts community of Montclair (NJ) combined with the “chaotic, creative explosion” that she describes as her time at CalArts. It is an amalgam of everyone from Celine Dion to Florence Welch. But it is movie composer, Hans Zimmer, and the French producer Woodkid who have greatly influenced Emily's sonic identity. Enticed by the scope and cinematic emotion of their compositions, Jackson— who self-produced a few of the tracks on her upcoming EP — has found a new direction and leaves her own mark on the genre. Dark synths combine with tribal drums and soaring vocals to provide the deep, heartfelt landscape that is “Oh Mother,” a song inspired by her relationship with her own, transcending into a spiritual anthem for us all.



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