Puma Blue

Puma Blue is the alias of singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Allen, based in London, UK. His music, mostly produced in his bedroom has been described as 'voicemail-ballads' with dynamic, emotive vocals, gritty lo-fi sound design, sparse guitar playing, and influences ranging from R&B and Jazz to Hip-Hop and Electronic music. He first gained a following from his 2014 SoundCloud demo 'Only Trying 2 Tell U'. His debut EP ‘Swum Baby’ was released in June 2017, and the follow up EP ‘Blood Loss’ was released in November 2018. Live he most often performs with a four piece band, blending watery textures with loose J Dilla influenced grooves and a vocal likened to Jeff Buckley and Chet Baker. He has cited D'Angelo, Radiohead & John Frusciante as his biggest influences.

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