Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein - over 25 years, over 100 record releases, and more! EF has almost single-handedly returned rock to its most basic and savage roots, the way it was meant to be. They have been receiving international acclaim for their exciting brand of Punk Rock and Roll, done with the great intensity of such bands as the Stooges, MC5, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, Damned, Black Flag, Misfits, AC/DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, etc. In addition to playing the most dynamic, ravenous, and menacing rock you've ever heard, EF recognizes the importance of integrity. From giving proper nods to the architects of street-level rock (Iggy and the Stooges, Dead Boys, AC/DC), to fiercely supporting DIY labels to their constant efforts to put fans first ahead of profit, EF is championing the cause to bring Rock back to the people and out of the hands of corporations. EF aren't young or pretty, and in case you haven't noticed neither is Real Rock & Roll. EF aren't here to be your girlfriend, they're here to ROCK! While stupid critics might say 'but, it's only rock n roll, its nothing new', EF fans are saying "Damn, right!" as they embrace the best of what's loud, fast, and rules from the last 30 years distilled down to one single organism. EF are one a mission to revitalize Rock & Roll and save people from the boredom of "alternative music". EF shows are intense, exciting, and inspiring.

The Pogos

We're a SkatePunk band from DelCo PA! We are not Politically correct so hold on. We're fast, loud and thirsty! We came to drink beer and ROCK!

Voodoo Death Cult

Rising from the ashes of the gone-too-soon band Action Man, comes VDC.

Action man founder Ronin James (aka Atarii Skulldevil) went on walkabout for a few years after losing his brother, Action Man singer, Dutch Maverick. After recharging the batteries Ronin returned to Philly and recruited AM bassist Grimm for a new project that would incorporate heavy, catchy riffs and melodies with horror and sci fi themes. Patient Zero (Generation Empty) was recruited and added his distinct six string samurai style to the mix. The last piece was drummer RG Wormwood (The GTVs),who actually quit the band twice before realizing his destiny was indeed with this rag tag group of shock n roll heroes.

The Floaters

Best 3 piece Bournemouth/Poole based power rock/pop band of 2011. From the readers of Terry Monthly magazine.

Standard Bearer

"There's something going down on our streets, there's an implied threat of coercive force. Do you understand what's going on? Stand up now or prepare to bow"

Inspired by bands they grew up listening to, four long time friends who had played music together for years formed Standard Bearer. Since then, they have played shows around the Mid Atlantic, sharing the stage with bands like One Way System, Total Chaos, Blanks 77 and The Huntingtons. Writing songs based on the world today, we sing about life, liberty, and staying true amongst it all. In 2016, we released our Rise Up EP available on spotify. In late 2018, we recorded a full length which should come out in 2019. Stay tuned for more.

"With Integrity, I live my life and aim to be all that I can be. I walk with pride, hold my head high, doing the best until the day I die."



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