Rival Nova

Rock N Roll / Blues Rock / Southern Rock from New Orleans LA

After finishing the early 2018 album
SYNCHRONICITY CITY and releasing it to the public.
The two members went back to their respective projects as neither person thought the record was their best work nor did they fully feel the albums life force.
The RIVAL NOVA and their arduous quest for musical enlightenment has been long and grueling. The duo comprised of vocalist La La NOVA and guitarist/multi instrumentalist s6x THE MARTIAN began their journey in 2015 with a more electronic lean musically and recorded and released 1 EP and 2 albums.

La La and s6x were always searching for that special spark that would lead them to their common goal. Creating timeless music like many of the legends before them. And although their output of music had been prolific since the projects inception. They both could feel that "SOMETHING" always pulling at them.

"I just kind of felt like we needed to do a new album and I can admit that I went in on cruise control and just kind of made an album that neither of us liked at ALL." says s6x.

SYNCHRONICITY CITY in all it's synth loop styled artistry didn't make a blip on their excitement radar. Which leads us to where we are now. Later in 2018 s6x found the true inspiration and the two began writing sessions that quickly turned into this collection of edgy songs they were looking for.

s6x explains "I was sitting at home one day and there was one of my guitars staring at me. I grabbed it up and turned the little amp on and hit a D chord.

The sheer bite of the little amps overdrive sound sent me into complete songwriter mode! I was excited again."

The group had found the spark they were looking for... ROCK N ROLL. Bare bones in your face simple rock n roll. " Going back to the Rolling Stones. Led Zeppelin and the great Southern Rock bands like The Allman Brothers and Lynard Skynard we found a connection to our musical hearts. say La La.

The sessions were done in a blaze and the passion was back. And from those sessions came THE NEVER ENDING ROCK N ROLL STORY.

11 songs of pure unadulterated Rock N Roll. Amps on 10, drums beat to hell and vocals of fire!



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