Revival ABB: An Evening with the Music of Allman Brothers Band

Revival ABB

Revival ABB is the country’s foremost homage to the music of The Allman Brothers Band. Born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio and founded by Greg Campolieti in 2015, Revival ABB have become the regions most sought-after Allman Brothers tribute, consistently playing to packed houses and enthusiastic fans.

Revival ABB enlists a collection of top Cleveland musicians with a range of experiences, playing facility and sensitivity the music of The Allman Brothers. This band of brothers are committed to delivering the music in an authentic manner while simultaneously using the arrangements as a canvas for self-expression. Their fearless approach to improvisation, love of risk-taking, and pushing each other musically culminates into an unforgettable concert experience while creating honest, adventurous music.

Revival ABB’s unparalleled concert performances will remind fans why they loved The Allman Brothers Band in the first place.

Band Members

Joe Sumph: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Anthony Papaleo: Lead Guitar

Pete Maric: Lead Guitar

Alfredo Guerrieri: Bass Guitar

Chris Hanna: Keyboard

Greg Campolieti: Drums, Vocals

Fred Perez-Stable: Drums

Marko DeMicheli: Percussion, Backup Vocals

$12.00 - $14.00


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