Chiefrocker Busy Bee & Friends

A night of great Hip-Hop w/ Chiefrocker Busy Bee & Friends!

Chiefrocker Busy Bee

The Chief Rocker Busy Bee is one of the elite pioneers on the Sedgwick and Cedar line up. Along with Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Caz, Grandwizard Theodore, Melle Mel, Sha Rock, and of course the father of Hip Hop himself Kool Herc. Contact Busy Bee to book all of the Sedgwick and Cedar line up for your next party. Busy Bee earned his legendary reputation as the Chief Rocker with his ability to get the party started and keep the people rockin with his legendary shout outs. Busy Bee rocked the early block parties and park jams of Hip Hop with cool DJ AJ, who later worked the wheels of steel for Kurtis Blow...AAAJJJJ.... MC Busy Bee and Cool DJ AJ were a powerful 1-2 punch that could knock you out without warning. Busy Bee was so fly that he changed the game forever when he became Hip Hop's first solo MC EVER! Soon Busy Bee was a heavy weight MC knocking out all comers on his own. He was a pioneer of early emcee battles around New York that drew huge crowds. He won the MC World Supremecy Battle Belt. Busy Bee was involved in one of the most infamouse battles in Hip Hop history against Kool Moe Dee. Copies of this battle continue to be circulated on the streets more than 20 years later. The DJ was the original royalty of Hip Hop. The MC was the sideshow, the DJ's help. This was not happening for long with Busy Bee. The original Chief Rocker took the Mic from behind the tables to the crowd. Because of busy bee, the Mic has never gone back! He made a record in1980 called "Rappin' All Over" as a member of the Marvelous Three (which included DJ Smalls and AJ (later AJ Scratch- Kurtis Blow's DJ). One of his most famous and high profile roles was in Wild Style. As one of the main characters, he is featured in a battle against Lil' Rodney C of the Funky 4 + 1 and Double Trouble, as well as at the show in the film's finale with DJ AJ. Be sure to check out the funky fresh suit he's wearing on stage at the amphitheatre. He had an early 12" pre-Sugarhill Records was "School days" in 1980. On Sugar hill he made "Making Cash Money" in 1981 and "Busy Bee's Groove" in 1984. His biggest record to date is "Suicide" in 1987 which was produced by Jazzy Jay and appeared on Strong City. He did release two albums ("Running Thangs" in 1988 and "Thank God for Busy Bee"), but his work on the Wild Style soundtrack is widely considered his most memorable recordings as well as some featured tracks on the Sugar Hill box set. He has recently toured America and Europe with his long time friend and legendry emcee, KRS ONE.

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