Strange Boutique

Strange Boutique

Strange Boutique rose out of the ashes of the Washington harDCore punk scene with a dynamic sense of song-writing while breaking new ground in a post-punk/alternative landscape with a powerful, melodic guitar-driven sound. As a best kept secret of the late 80's and early 90's, Strange Boutique attracted a large crossover audience, with Fred “Freak” Smith on guitars, Steve Willett on bass, and Monica Richards on vocals. After the release of three albums on their own label, Bedazzled Records, Strange Boutique broke up in 1994, coming together just once more for a single show in 2004 to celebrate the release of “The Collection:1988-1994” on Metropolis Records.

After the senseless loss of guitarist Fred “Freak” Smith in 2017, singer Monica Richards and bassist Steve Willett began reminiscing about their love of Fred and the music they wrote with him in Strange Boutique. This began a dialogue about getting together in Washington DC for an evening of music. Though there is no way they can call themselves "Strange Boutique" without their seminal and larger-than-life guitarist, they invite you to join them, along with drummer Rand Blackwell and guitarist/keyboardist Dennis Kane for an evening of Strange Boutique music … and to share a pint in honor of Fred.

Dead Heart Bloom was formed by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood following the dissolution of their previous band, the Washington, DC-based Phaser. Having quickly captured the attention of the indie press and radio, Phaser honed their live act playing with such artists as Interpol, Super Furry Animals, BRMC and Spiritualized. As touring members of Jimmy Chamberlin’s post Smashing Pumpkins project Skysaw, Boris and Paul further developed their live sound on stage, before solidifying the Dead Heart Bloom lineup with the addition of drummer Jason Molina. In 2013 and 2014, Dead Heart Bloom began releasing a series of new EPs recorded and produced by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev.



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