Sunn O)))

Formed in March 1998 Sunn O))) have been challenging the ways we think about music in the twenty years since. A synthesis of diverse: drone, metal, minimalism/maximalism verging on the edge of pure sonic ecstasy, meditation and trance through the power, beauty and colour of sound pressure emanating from their legendary Sunn O))) backline and their earth shaking tectonic compositions of existence, dedicated to the mysteries of life and the cosmos.

O))) has two core members : Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson, supported by a tribe of collaborators. From 1999’s The Grimmrobe Demos to 2018’s Downtown LA Rehearsal/Rifftape; from their now classic albums Black One (2006), Monoliths & Dimensions (2009), Soused (2014) & Kannon (2015) to their forthcoming to-be-revealed-but-recently-completed two 2019 album epics, founders Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson have forged paths and connections between the worlds of Metal, contemporary art, drone, new music, jazz and minimalism with startling results while remaining true to the eternal principles of volume, density, elasticity of time, blossoming of saturation viable only to the disciples and fetishists of electric guitar, synthesis, multiple gain stages and some of history's greatest pure valve amplification.

The current concert line-up extends around duo of Stephen O'Malley (Guitar), Greg Anderson (Guitar) aside selected special guest. Together they relentlessly pursue their exploration and elaboration of Sunn O)))'s legendary experiments with the physicality of sound in instrumental based live performances with remarkable events at some of their favourite venues, as well as concerts in singular events and spaces such as Italy’s impressive cultural complex Labrinto Della Masone, Germany’s Ruhrtriennale Festival of Arts, Royal Festival Hall & The Barbican in London, Bergen's Dømkirke and Manchester International Festival being a few emblematic examples.

Rejoin them in their glorious pursuit of the monumental heaviness.

-Etienne Ni Mhaille, 2018

Born in Texas, raised in Kentucky; David Pajo is a musician. His name is not in common parlance, but Pajo has been involved in much of the greatest music of the last two decades.

He first played out in the early 1980s. He went on to instant infamy with the group Slint (1986-1990). During the 1990s, Pajo played with King Kong, The Palace Brothers, Stereolab, Royal Trux, The For Carnation, Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. He is also featured on many of their early records.

In 1995, Pajo started the M franchise, issuing a single and a split single in short order. As Aerial M, he released several singles, a self-titled album and a remix album. As Papa M, he produced three full-length albums.

In 2002, Pajo joined Billy Corgan's Zwan, with whom he released an album and toured the world for two years. It was during this time that he started the Papa M singles series.

Pajo then played bass with Early Man as well as participating in the reunion of Slint.

"Hole of Burning Alms" appeared in 2004 - to date, the last Papa M record. This collected Aerial M and Papa M sides to form another long-playing link in the M chain.

Since then, David Pajo has recorded as Pajo. His self-titled first release came in the summer of 2005 - a collection of solo recordings made on the road. He then released the home recording "1968," as part of a Pajo trilogy. The final album under the name Pajo was a collection of Misfits covers performed acoustic, "Scream With Me." This album was only released on vinyl and download. He has played live as Pajo very sparingly, shy of a few dates dotted around the globe.

He also joined Dead Child as their guitarist and released "Attack" on Touch & Go Records.

For a full year, David played bass, keyboards, and acoustic guitar with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for their world tour of "It's Blitz."

He occasionally performs "Live From A Shark Cage" as Papa M and continues to write and record his one-man metal project, Evila.

From April 2010 to February 2011, he replaced Carlos D as the bassist for Interpol and toured extensively. He is currently active as a solo musician, continues to play live with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, writes and records with Evila, and still works with his bandmates in Slint.



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