David Liebe Hart (Adult Swim/Tim & Eric) w/ Chip The Black Boy *  WYHD * VeloValo * A Band Called Sports

David Liebe Hart

The galaxy's most unique entertainer, David Liebe Hart, brings his music/puppets/storytelling extravaganza to you! Prepare to be amazed, surprised and confused! You won't know whether to laugh, groan, cry or cheer! Every show is one-of-a-kind, unpredictable, hilarious and confounding!

Best known for his roles on Adult Swim's Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, David Liebe Hart is an outsider musician, actor and painter. A true original, he has communicated with extra-terrestrials, owns a large collection of puppets, and is obsessed with trains. Along with world-class backing musician, Jonah "Th' Mole" Mociun, David puts on a show guaranteed to wow old fans and new ones alike, performing bizarre songs along with puppets, projected video accompaniment, oddly endearing stories, crowd interaction and surprises.

Chip The Black Boy

David's puppet has taken on a life of its own as a creepy abstract rapper. Apparently possessed by an evil outer-dimensional entity, Chip's high-pitched, avant-garde rhymes and banging beats are in a realm of their own. Check out the sleeper hit "Am I Weird?" at https://youtu.be/nvWD7xT0Alk

Whatever Your Heart Desires

Wielding strange-looking home-made gadgets with blinking lights, amidst sound-reactive video projection, WYHD performs electronic dance music for time-traveling extra-terrestrials. Videos at http://youtube.com/whateveryourheartdesires


VeloValo formed in 2014 amongst the towering pines of Flagstaff, Arizona. Comprised of-Chad Breen (vocals/Guitar), Robbie Watson (percussion), and Jonny Escalante(bass). VeloValo plays a unique brand of rock best termed as Spirit Rock; dynamic, powerful, and emotive. Comparisons have been made to Incubus, Paul Simon, Explosions in the Sky, U2, and Sabbath; though the overall sound is thoroughly new and singular.
Their debut, “The Lander LP”, was released in March of 2016 and was enthusiastically received by the AZ music scene; garnering label offers and opportunities to play even more music for even more people! The Lander LP was mixed by Jeff-Lusby of JLB Studios and was mastered by Phoenix-area legend Bob Hough, as auspicious a team as could be. From the opening track, ‘(Last to Leave) Cry’, to the eleven-minute ‘Real Cool Girl’, their debut release sums up a diverse sound stemming from the depth, feeling, and urgency of three lives lived for music.
Arizona is a state filled with musicians making great music. VeloValo intends to do their part to help shed a light on the desert state, with their new sounds and fresh energy.

A Band Called Sports

One year in the making, Welcome to the Nursery is the debut album of A Band Called Sports. This dirty foursome made loud noises in a basement together and life has never been the same. A rare mix of cold beer and musical athleticism, A Band Called Sports is aimed squarely at the space between your ear holes; ready to come in as long as you'll let it!

$10.00 - $12.00

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