The World Famous Mad House Comedy Club Showcase Special

Up to 8 super talented comedians go onstage, back, to back, to back. You get everyone's best 10 or 15 min and if you happen to not like one comedian... you don't have to stare at them for an hour! It's like the All Star Game of Comedy and more fun than one person should be allowed to have 🙂

J Chris Newberg as seen Americas Got Talent, American Idol, Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing!

J Chris Newberg is funny. Ask him. He will disagree, but in a way that is probably humorous.

He has performed on America’s Got Talent, but lost to dancers that sparkle. He has also been on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live & Comedy Central. He has toured with Dane Cook and written songs for American Idol. He is in fact the funniest person that you have never heard of. Yet. Cedric The Entertainer agrees saying, “He has got an odd sense of humor and he is unique in his point of view. His quirkiness and his own kind of demeanor are things that can go a long way in this business. Talented folks will see it, and the industry will see it.” J Chris Newberg also writes jokes, a lot of them. Some of your favorite comedians have used his jokes on SNL, Late Night With David Letterman, Chelsea Lately and The Conan O’Brien show. J Chris Newberg is currently developing a show with Howie Mandel for NBC Universal. He doesn’t ask you to think. He’ll do that for you.

Christine Little - Funny or Die, Huff Post, Laugh on Fox!

Christine LITTLE is a Los Angeles-based actress and comedian. Her playful comedy combines unique life observations with an animated presence. Little has been on FOX's "LAUGHS" multiple times, has performed at comedy festivals all over the country, opened for headliners such as Mad TV's Bobby Lee, she's also been featured on the front page of Funny or Die and The Huffington Post. Christine was also on "The Doctors" for a comedy sketch, but when asked about her appearance, she claims it's because she got her foot caught in her mouth. Christine is even a certified life coach which led her into co-producing the monthly show, "You Got Issues", a show where audience members get advice from a panel of comedians. Christine hosts her YouTube show, "My Talented Friends", airing new videos every other Friday.

Subhah Agarwal as seen on Comedy Central, Gotham Comedy Live, MTV, tru TV and more!

Subhah Agarwal has brought an honesty to her comedy that is refreshing, and at times a bit disturbing but in a good way. Trust me. Currently, Subhah is writing for "The Jim Jefferies Show" on Comedy Central. She has previously written for "Comedy Knockout" on TruTv, and on the pilot for "50 Central." You can also catch her jokes live at stand up comedy clubs across the country. If you don't want to leave your couch, you can see her appearing as Ichtaca on TruTv's sketch comedy "Friends of the People", and as herself on MTV2, Comedy Central, and Gotham Comedy Live.

Malcolm Hatchett a Mad House Favorite and regular on the Kill Tony Podcast


Malcolm Hatchett is a very special, young comedian who recently moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles. In his short time here he has become a regular on Tony Hinchcliffe’s podcast, KILL TONY at the Comedy Store. He recently hosted the DeathSquad show in the main room at the Improv, opening for Joe Rogan and following that by opening for Preacher Lawson at the Hollywood Palladium theater.


Since arriving in Los Angeles, Malcolm has quickly amassed over 25k followers on Instagram, and has recently been signed to the prestigous CAA talent agency.

Mad House Favorite Joshua Mann

Alec Parent

A Mad House favorite.

Opey Olagbaju - The World Series of Comedy


Opeyemi "Opey" Olagbaju’s love and commitment to stand-up are always apparent on stage. The Los Angeles comic performs across the city and has successfully showcased in several festivals, such as the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, the World Series of Comedy and previous NACA Showcases (2014 West & Central and 2015 Nationals). He is noted for his observational humor, which stems from his personal experiences as an immigrant from Nigeria who assimilated into American culture and society. Through comedy, Opey explores what makes us different, and more importantly, how these differences make us all the same.

[FEB 17] “Opey's performance was tremendous. The crowd was engaged throughout the show. We even had a pasta bar to tie in with the last part of his set, where everything is about spaghetti. Thank you for being part of this team and I hope KP Comedy and SNHU can continue to have a great working relationship going forward.” – Matt Montminy, CAPE Weekend Chair, Southern New Hampshire University

Matt Byrd

Matt Byrd. funny guy.

Matt Byrd is a Mad House favorite. This comedian has witty takes on being an EMT on an Ambulance and his time in the US Military. Matt Byrd is not shy when it comes to audience engagement, no one is safe from this comics crowd work. is a faggot

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