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Lukas Frank is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer who started touring professionally at 18, playing as a drummer for hire with artists like Portugal. The Man, Alexandra Savior, Phoebe Bridgers, HANDS, Black English, Kitten, DECORATOR, and many other Los Angeles based artists. After several years of touring, he decided to quit playing as a hired gun and pursue his own project full time, this time at the front of the stage. Already, his music has been selected to be prominently featured in an upcoming Netflix original series, "Godless", with music supervision by T Bone Burnett. Frank has spent the last four years honing an EP that’s been kept entirely behind closed doors, an EP that features many of the musicians he met touring the country. The result is a veritable supergroup of musicians and songwriters, all contributing to a project that has taken its time to develop and become a fully realized, impactful musical statement.

Orchin's sound is a hybrid of "shoegaze, Cocteau Twins-style dream-pop, and new wave" (The Fader). Led by singer/guitarist Jeremy McLennan, the band has been releasing singles since late 2016, most of which are recorded at home in their native Los Angeles. McLennan finds inspiration for his songs in the intersection of contrasting genres, most recently early techno, disco and dream pop. Orchin has finished tracking their debut album, expected in early 2019.

Harrison Whitford

Harrison Whitford is a solo artist and an accomplished guitarist, having worked in the studio and on the stage with artists ranging from Willie Nelson, Phoebe Bridgers, Ryan Adams, Jonny Lang, Conor Oberst, Korey Dane, Joe Bonamassa and many more. His own music features personal lyrics and touches on the more emotional side of the singer/songwriter genre. His debut solo record, Afraid of Everything is to be released Winter 2017.

Michael Vidal

Musician since dawn of time starts new project - DREAM CENTER OUT AUGUST 22

$8 - $10


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