Form of Expression, Virginia Gentlemen

Form of Expression

Form of Expression fuse distinct styles of music into a unique modern mix. From rock and soul to blues, reggae, and funk, the band embodies their namesake.

BIG Whitson

BIG Whitson is an acoustic/electric rock band based out of the DMV, and hails from the northern Virginia area. While blending elements of jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk, R&B, country, and rock, they are able to create a timeless throwback sound and style with a modern edge. Only recently forming at the end of 2018, as a result of rotating lineups of some of the best local performing musicians supporting singer/songwriter Brett Whitson, a common chord was struck by the quartet, and a gentlemanly bromance was born. Brett Whitson (lead vocals/acoustic guitar/electric guitar) soulfully belts out lyrics while rhythmically strumming, attempting to punch you in all the feels with every tune. Brian Raubacher (lead guitar/vocals), master of the shred and tasteful placement of the hot fire, elegantly plays mind-blowing guitar licks at every turn, figuratively melting your face. Cory Belcher (bass guitar, aka BOOMSTRINGS/vocals) puts his lion sized heart on display with every high energy well placed low end frequency, masterfully providing the low end control, and don’t you forget about that dirty funk. Deron Pinchback (drums… all of them), by far the most enlightened, holds it all together in space and time.
BIG Whitson is comprised of some of the most highly sought after performing musicians in the area, as members of other great bands like Moogatu, Eat Yer Meat, Gordon Sterling Trio, and this new outfit will be one to catch with any and every opportunity.

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