BB Presents: Dikembe, Expert Timing, Snacking & TBA

Dikembe consists of four members. They just released a split with The Jazz June on Tiny Engines/Topshelf Records and are releasing their second LP on Tiny Engines this summer. Collectively, the members have eight cats. FFO: handsome men, getting made fun of for your poor stage dives/moshing, touring in minivans.

Expert Timing

Truly a passion project, Expert Timing brings together the warmth and chemistry of husband/wife duo Jeff & Katrina Snyder. With Jeff on guitar and Katrina on bass they both share songwriting and vocal duties. With the help of drummer Tim McGowan, the band proudly wears it's emo and indie rock influences on their sleeves.


Members: Ryan, Jacob, Bryant, Danny

$8.00 - $10.00

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