Join us on March 23rd to celebrate the spring Equinox. The “end” of winter and the “beginning” of spring. Come celebrate the light more than the dark. The event will be blooming with incredible live art, live and electronic music featuring

With layers of beats, soaring violin and vocal melodies, spectral pads, and crunchy bass oscillations, TROPO compels their audience to dig deep within themselves for a reciprocal and energetic dance set. TROPO infuses the human element in their all original, uplifting, and completely live performance.

Nate Stein, better known for his stage name Equanimous, is a San Diego based DJ, producer and musician. He combines elements of downtempo, future bass, and house to create a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor. Equanimous expands the electronic music experience by playing live djembe, keys, and beatboxing along with his tracks. He’s known for his deep bass, beautiful melodies, and creative rhythmic beats that take people into a state of euphoric dancing and bliss.

Heather Christie

Heather Christie is best known for her sultry sound and electric vocal presence. Influenced by powerhouse singer Grace Potter and modern alt-pop artists BANKS and FKA Twigs, Heather's music has an indie-R&B swing with a soulful overtone. A singer/songwriter and producer out of Los Angeles, Heather studied jazz, classical, and musical theatre as a child before embarking upon a journey to expose her authentic voice. She is known for her song 'Tincture' (of her project Feral Fauna), which gained worldwide traction on Spotify, in addition to her brief stint on American Idol. Heather is also a modern dancer, and brings this physicality onstage into a dynamic visual performance. Backed by her live band, Heather and the boys bridge genres in their own feel-good way. Both danceable and reflective, their sound can carry through a melange of moods. Heather is a Jumpsuit Records artist, and released her 6th studio album, entitled 'Stars That Fall’, in the fall of 2018.


A Loved local DJ of the Central Coast, Zach Gibson, AKA GIBBY comes from a small town just outside of Chicago. At a young age his soul found refuge in the underground clubs and warehouses throughout the big city where his love for dance music grew. It wasn’t until he moved to the Central Coast of California in his mid 20s that he truly found his own path in playing music, specifically passionate for the House and Techno sound. Due to his deep calling for adventure and a strong ambition to see the world, in 2012 G!BBY packed his things and headed out west to begin a new life in the mountains of Big Sur. As his new community grew and new friends became family, G!BBY found himself attending local parties, events, and festivals throughout California where he would inevitably find his place as a musician amongst the greatest in House and Techno. G!BBY can recall the exact moment his heart was set on fire and his life was set in motion with a burning desire to become the DJ he is today, by watching Mikey Lion close out the Desert Hearts 1st year Anniversary party on an early morning Sunday sunrise set. G!BBY now stands as a long time resident and co-founder of LuvLab Productions and you can find him laying down the funkiest beats at local favorites in the Chicago area and up and down the entire West Coast.

G!BBYs style is based primarily on the music he enjoys listening to everyday, a mix of extremely sexy heavy base lines and melodic melodies. While he never plans out a specific set list, his unique sound is based solely on the energy provided by the crowd. His mission within every set is to free the audiences mind and let the bodies explode with movement and dance in celebration of life and luv. He provides a vast collective of sound and finds inspiration and influence from various artists such as Mikey Lion and the entire Desert Hearts Crew, Lee Burridge and the ADID label, Seth Troxler, Justin Martin, Polo & Pan, Bicep and many others. He also pays much respect and thanks to his immediate LuvLab family of musicians including local heroes Tyson Leonard and TROPO, Kevin Dayspring, Jose Madre and Juan Travolta. You can currently find G!BBY and his contagious smile brightening up the coastline with his groovy tunes in San Luis Obispo, California. Bringing people together as ONE in the spirit of music will always be his driving force.

“Stay Humble. Expect nothing and accept everything!” Is the motto he stands by.

$15.00 - $20.00


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