Miette Hope

Miette Hope is a 22 year old singer-songwriter and independent artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her style can best be identified by its poetically honest lyrics accompanied by spatially rhythmic grooves. Drenched in neo-r&b/soul inflections, her songs melt into an embodied expression of her trials and triumphs. Hope’s vocals drive her narratives collectively and precisely, pin-pointing emotional cliffs that are reminiscent of many of our life’s indulgences. Gliding through rhythmic lines that are accented by infectious melodies, this artist carefully crafts an emotional journey will move your body and your soul.

Julia Zivic is a singer/songwriter, audio engineer, musician and poet based out of New York.

Julia's Debut EP, SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR is out now, featuring 'Bedroom Mirror' & 'We've Come So Far.'

Her goal in songwriting is to provide authenticity and honesty for her listeners, striving to emphasize the emotionality of the artistic and human temperament.

Julia Zivic is also the lead vocalist & lyricist for NY based band, Vinegar Mother.



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