Trace Mountains, Elijah Wolf

Trace Mountains

Trace Mountains is the personal folk & indie rock project of Northeast American songwriter, Dave Benton (LVL UP). The band was formed in 2013 and the current lineup features Jim Hill on guitar and synthesizer (Slight, Painted Zeros), Greg Rutkin on drums (LVL UP, Cende) and Sean Henry on bass. Trace Mountains' record, "A Partner to Lean On" is out now via the newly founded label, Figure 2 RC.

Elijah Wolf

The house on Mountain Laurel Road was a sanctuary for Elijah Wolf. He grew up there, surrounded by the bucolic tranquility of the Catskills and enraptured with the bohemian charm of Woodstock. It was a place he returned to frequently, both in body and spirit, and in moments of darkness or doubt, all he had to do was close his eyes and picture the winding road, the colorful walls, the pastoral view, and the company of his family. Wolf got word that the house was to be sold as he was losing someone close to him, though, and the double-barreled blast of bad news marked the beginning of the most tumultuous year of his life, one which now forms the bedrock of his stunning debut album, ‘On the Mtn Laurel Rd.”

Recorded primarily in Wolf’s Brooklyn bedroom, ‘On the Mtn Laurel Rd’ is an arresting synthesis of past and present, traditional and experimental, country and city. Blending organic roots and driving alt-rock with shimmering electronic elements, each track represents a specific place or moment in Wolf’s life, with scenes rendered vividly through his richly detailed lyrical portraits and evocative vocal delivery. Sometimes achingly lonely and riddled with self-doubt, sometimes warmly hopeful and resolute, the songs reflect the dizzying series of highs and lows Wolf faced as he traced his own storyline back to its roots and prepared to say goodbye to the only life he’d ever known.

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