¡PARAÍSO! A Latinx Dance Night.

Magnolia Polaris: Hooks Nueva York

1st generation Nicaraguan-American Gender Nonconforming artist, DJ and musician whose music ranges from Afro-house to other genres that incorporate wood-wind instruments and traditional Latin American folk music. From Dance to Tropical Synth, the eclectic beats make for a smooth transition to get the party going. Every set is almost ceremonial from outfit to sound, Hooks cultivates and curates the vibe for the space they perform in.

Sebastian maría

Colombian born composer, producer and DJ with a background in Ethnomusicology (Indiana University 2012). Maria’s DJ practice focuses on original remixes and mashups highlighting juxtapositions of cumbia, pop, ambient, and hardcore.

Brandon Danciu (Trashman)

Producer and Dj, is influenced by the early disco and boogie New York dance floors. Funk, Afrobeat, and Salsa are heavily incorporated into his sets to create a feeling that almost seems impossible not to move too.


is an emerging producer and dj from Puerto Rico; based in New York. He’s particularly known for redefining they way that we appreciate bootleg sounds. Mixing afro beats and Southern hiphop sounds with Latin American voice and rhythm, HZP is an ode to all genres that have influenced the creation and evolution of reggaetón music.

Danny Castaneda

NYC native Danny Castaneda captures the sounds of the Brooklyn streets from the late 90s to the 2000s, while adding a twist of reggaeton and Afro-Latino sounds derivative of his Colombian roots.

Lil Blankie

Vancouver born DJ and fashion designer, Lil Blankiee, blends Caribbean genres of dancehall and reggaeton with afrobeat and house to create a one of a kind vibe that uplifts and brings people together on the dance floor. Recent transplant to NYC, by way of Tel Aviv, Lil Blankieee fuses Middle Eastern vibrancy, emotion, and fluidity into every set.


LITA is an eclectic Ecuadorian DJ & event curator with an extensive range of influences that have defined who she is as an Artist. Being born in Queens, NYC & raised in Houston, Texas, she was exposed to a vast range of cultures that began expanding her horizons & strengthening the qualities that would push her to be the diverse individual she is today. She found her greatest form of expression in music and has cultivated a unique sound that blends and incorporates Southern Hip-Hop, Electronic, Bounce, Reggaeton, and many other genres into her arsenal of music.

Alejandra Sabillón

is a DJ and multimedia artist based in New York City. Originally from Central America and having lived across the United States it’s this diverse influence that is reflected in her sound. Broad and cross genre; it blends the rare with the new for a modern take on American dance and global rhythms.



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