Eric Paquette, Liz Brennan

Eric Paquette

Songwriter/Artist out of Western Mass and NYC. Has written songs for major label artists and is currently working on a project poised to release this year.

Liz Brennan

Liz Brennan is a singer-songwriter from New York who has combined many musical elements to create "demented pop". Liz's unique lyrical content is greatly influenced by her own life including her struggle to portray a burn victim character on "Law and Order," her counterattack against the mundane cardigan culture, her decision to allow transvestite hitchhikers to drive her mother's new car, and her caricature of the typical party life.

In February 2013, Liz recorded an EP with the fabulous, heartthrob (but taken ladies and some men), Kevin Killen, who has mixed and
engineered some of the greatest albums of all time, including Peter Gabriel's "So" and Elvis Costello's "Spike" and now, Liz. The first
single and EP will be released in the very near future-- as exciting as the music is so should you get excited because it is exciting.

Liz studied classical music and opera in college, but much prefers rock/pop music and its abuse of parallel 5ths. She currently trains with the top vocal coach in the country, who would probably like to remain nameless until Liz strikes it big. Experts say Liz's projection and power of her voice is unparalleled. Although her voice sounds amazing from a stage, studies show it is quite painful to share a small space with her, such as a car.

While Liz has resided in a wide variety of settings—suburbia, the mountains, and correctional facilities—she currently lives in her Union Square apartment, which successfully met her exposed brick requirement.



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