RVA Merch Swap!

$5 - $20

Off Sale

Bring your extra band T Shirts, Longsleeves, Hoodies, Shorts, Sweatpants and more to trade for new Merch! Pay $20 to reserve a table, and $5 to walk-in and carry your items freely throughout the event. There will be a raffle with prizes announced throughout the event - free tickets, meals, merch and more!

All profits will go to benefit HOME AGAIN, helping families and individuals experiencing homelessness to secure and maintain a home in Richmond. Learn more: https://www.homeagainrichmond.org/

All un-donated high-quality merchandise will go to The McShin Foundation of Richmond, providing residential services to individuals who: have been encouraged to seek recovery or have chosen to seek recovery, are re-entering society, or seeking after-care from treatment. Learn more: https://mcshin.org/mcwp/recovery-housing-services/

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