Deca (with DJ MarvL), Ciggy, Cenny Ray, Paytra

Deca (with DJ MarvL)

Deca is a New York based rapper, producer and visual artist originally from Denver, CO. He has self-released five albums, and has gained a reputation for his meditative production, introspective lyricism, and raw, emotionally evocative themes.

Deca’s lyrics touch on universal truths that take us on an introspective journey through vivid physical and psychological landscapes. Dabbling in the spiritual and ephemeral, he navigates easily through classical literary tropes and mystical parables, presenting an allegory of our struggles with human existence. He lassos these otherworldly themes and drags them down to earth making them both transcendent and temporal.

As a true student of his genre and master of his craft, Deca produces beautiful harmonies, melodies and grooves, over which his lyrics soar in a self-contained dreamscape. Deeply personal and relatable, he delivers an autobiography hidden in his carefully crafted similes and metaphors giving a glimpse into the mind of a true artist.

c199y: more or less good for the community

Cenny Ray is originally from MD but has resided in New York for the past 6 years. Only Last year did he start to create his upcoming album ‘Cenny with A C’. It’s a mixture of Coversations Told with blues and A Feel Good after taste. Since he started performing his music a few months ago he has already taken on Venues like Rockwood Music Hall 1/2 and Pianos in NYC! He’s excited to share his music with the world and hopes it feels something in return.

Born the first child of two in small-town Bedford, Michigan, Paytra made a not-so-ordinary choice to leave home at age sixteen with a one-way train ticket to New York City. Paytra is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and actress and has performed in front of thousands of people while also making multiple TV debuts. Notable performances include Disney World, New York Fashion Week, Montauk’s Memory bar opening for Fat Joe, and New York Fox 5. Her music is heard on pilot series “Lower East Asides” and Kipling USA’s 2019 Campaign.

Paytra’s rap-like delivery and hard-hitting drums set her apart from other pop artists while the experiences she’s had in life shape her lyrics- all from the relatable perspective of a young woman. Her debut single “Dangerous” boasts of femme confidence and has featured on iHeartRadio’s “The Beat” in their weekly new music playlist. Her work has also been on Sirius XM’s Shade 45, Vlad TV and A&R music blog. Paytra recently appeared in MTV’s Truth Campaign and Law and Order: SVU with a pilot series on the way in 2019.

Paytra is a classically trained pianist and has been writing music since age twelve. She credits her predecessors, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Rihanna, as significant influences in her music. With a new project on the way in 2019, it’s no doubt that Paytra will be making many more appearances. Follow Paytra on her social media to keep up to date with new releases!

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