TTN, Danny Feedback's The Crack Rock Opera, Ray Brazen, Bobby Clock and the Soda Pops, Space Force


Danny Feedback's The Crack Rock Opera

This prequel to Danny Feedback is set in 1986. It's the story of Mommy Feedback's yearning to birth a rockstar. Who will father her child? A talking hotdog, irritated cop, or a transexual superhero?

Bobby Clock and the Soda Pops

Bobby Clock and the Soda Pops : believe every song should be a different flavor of soda pop spiked with psyche. Their sounds are keen to an illegal drumming slur of avant garage and papi grunge. The disgusting discussions with the many Bobbys in Bobby's head have warped time and couldn't tick with any more tock from a broken Mr. Clock.

Space Force

Space Force : the creators of Bear Dream and local legends Happy Valley have teamed up to bring you this spacey bass driven, raw rocking, vocal growling sound. These newbie nephews of Lightning Bolt and Death from above 1979 will blow you away like the face of Mars.







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